Supplements for Enhanced Cell Productivity

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Figure 1.

With over 60 years experience in microbial protein expression, Novozymes offers a range of animal-free recombinant supplements — designed and manufactured exclusively for industrial cell culture — that allow developers to “rethink” their media strategy. These products provide proven performance benefits in a defined and regulatory-compliant manner, ensuring optimal media development for enhanced cell productivity.

Recombinant Human Albumin (rHA)

Novozymes has developed a range of rHas (Recombumin®, albucult™, and CellPrime™ ralbumin AF-S) suitable for industrial cell culture and biomedical applications, such as protein drug and vaccine formulation and medical device coatings. Microbially expressed Novozymes’ rHAs offer the benefits of albumin in a compliant, consistent way and represent a convenient replacement to animal and human-derived sources.


LONG®R3IGF-I is a recombinant analog of IGF-I and a highly potent alternative to recombinant insulin that is currently used in the manufacture of several FDA, EMEA, and Japanese FDA-approved biopharmaceuticals. Proven in a number of industrially relevant cell lines, including CHO and hybridoma, LONG®R3IGF-I provides growth and productivity that is equivalent to or better than insulin. Unlike its market competitors LONG®R3IGF-I is available in both powder and liquid formulations, which can be diluted directly into culture media for greater ease of use.

Cellprime™ rTransferrin AF

Developed as an iron supplement for cell culture, CellPrime™ recombinant transferrin is an animal-free, recombinant replacement for human- and animal-derived transferrin and chemical-based chelators. Expressed in Novozymes’ proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae system in a holo form, CellPrime™ rTransferrin binds specifically to transferrin receptors, providing efficient iron uptake into cells for optimal cell culture performance. Studies have shown CellPrime™ rTransferrin to be equivalent to human holotransferrin and superior to other iron supplements in its ability to support growth and enhance productivity in a number of cell lines (1).

Supplements in Combination

Growth factors combined with transferrin have been shown to mediate growth and survival of CHO cell in culture. To examine this phenomenon, the effects of common growth factor supplements and CellPrime™ rTransferrin in combination on CHO and SP2/0 growth and productivity were recently tested (Figure 1 and Figure 2). Both cell lines exhibited significantly increased growth and productivity when treated with a combination of these supplements. They also demonstrated the potential of recombinant protein supplements to improve yield in upstream manufacturing processes.

To request samples or discuss the use of any of Novozymes’ recombinant products in your application, refer to the contact details below.


1.) Keenan, J. 2006. Evaluation of Recombinant Human Transferrin as an Iron Chelator in Serum-Free Media for Mammalian Cell Culture. Cytotechnol. 51:29-37.