Comprehensive Global Capabilities and Extensive Scientific Expertise

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Covance is one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies with more than 10,000 employees in 60 countries. Through its comprehensive portfolio of services, Covance has helped pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop one-third of all prescription medicines in the market today.

Working with clients of all sizes, Covance recognizes that your development program is as unique as the product you bring to our facilities. With over 250 different biomolecules successfully supported annually, Covance Biopharmaceutical Services provide you with a global, multidisciplinary team of experts and specialized state-of-the-art infrastructure to help achieve your development and commercialization goals.

The comprehensive Covance biopharmaceutical service capabilities include extensive expertise and experience in:

  • cGMP batch release

  • Protein chemistry

  • Biological assays

  • Adventitious agent testing

  • Biomanufacturing support

  • cGMP cell bank production and storage

  • cGMP stability studies

  • Immunocharacterization

  • Molecular biology

  • Viral clearance studies

Covance has a complementary portfolio of discovery, nonclinical safety assessment, clinical development, periapproval, and market access capabilities for full development of biopharmaceutical products.

In an industry where the process is the product, the scientific and regulatory expertise and experience, accumulated and proven through decades of hands-on development of a wide variety of molecules and numerous submissions, make Covance the partner of choice for biopharmaceutical development.






Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4




Product characterization, stability, and purity- indicating method development

Product and dose analysis and release

Analytical stability and release for clinical trials

Commercial stability and release

Cell-based bioassay development

Bioassays for stability and release

Biodistribution studies of gene therapy products



Cell-line screening and other biosafety testing, including virus and other adventitious agent testing

Cell banking and characterization

Cell banking

Viral clearance studies

Biomanufacturing and Process Development Support

Project Management

Program Management

Integrated Drug Development

Global, flexible offerings of individual services, milestone-based solutions, and full development solutions

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