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Laboratory Instruments

Product: Cubis laboratory balance and Arium Pro laboratory water purification system

Applications: Precision medical and life-science laboratory work

Features: International Forum Design GmbH awarded Sartorius the 2010 international iF Product Design Award for two laboratory products in the medicine/healthcare category. Cubis modular laboratory balances can be custom-configured for different working environments. The Arium Pro laboratory water purification system produces ultrapure water quickly, safely, and cost-effectively for chromatography, cell cultivation, and protein purification laboratory applications.

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Tangential-Flow Filtration

Product: T-series TFF cassettes

Applications: Protein purification

Features: Pall’s T-series tangential-flow filtration cassettes offer significant improvements in their materials of construction and design with proven membranes to reduce revalidation requirements. New materials are durable and stable, are low in extractables, and offer broad chemical compatibility. Designed for optimal mass transfer, scalable T-series cassettes are available with Omega PES or Delta regenerated cellulose membranes for high flux, high selectivity, and low protein binding in a variety of processes.

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Depth Filtration

Product: Nano-Ceram LR high-performance pleated filter cartridges

Applications: Intended to replace lenticular filters

Features: Each NanoCeram-LR filter cartridge contains Argonide’s patented nonwoven matrix infused with nanoalumina fibers for an electropositively charged depth filter. These remove small particles, bacteria, and viruses from water at high flow rates. Cassettes fit most lenticular housings, and results often outperform ultrafiltration for ultrapure water. Optional NanoCeram-PAC technology integrates powdered activated carbon into the media for removing halogens and most soluble organics.

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Life-Science Equipment

Literature: 2010 NBS life-science equipment catalog

Applications: Performance assessment and optimization for automated liquid handlers

Features: New Brunswick Scientific’s 2010 catalog is available online and in hard copy. New products include the 5-and 14-L CelliGen BLU single-use stirred-tank bioreactor, the versatile BioFlo 610 sterilizable-in-place mobile pilot plant fermentor, and the new benchmark for SCADA software user-friendliness: NBS’s next-generation PC-based BioCommand system. The catalog also features >40 biological shakers, advanced CO2 incubators and ULT freezers, as well as several new bioprocessing systems.

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Live Cell Analysis

Product: Cell-IQ system

Applications: Cell line development, drug discovery, stem cells

Features: Developed by Finnish company Chip-Man Technologies, the automated Cell-IQ live cell observation and analysis system is now exclusively sold by TAP in North America. A cell culture incubator, microscope, light source, and high-resolution camera are integrated with image analysis software that automatically monitors, records, and quantifies changes in cell morphology and distribution without labels or dyes. Cells can be maintained in plates under optimal growth conditions for days or weeks for consistent data quality with minimal user intervention.

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Fluid-Path Assemblies

Literature: OneTouch FPA brochure

Applications: Aseptic processing

Features: Meissner Filtration Products literature features its One-Touch single-use fluid-path assemblies designed for secure fluid transfer in critical biopharmaceutical processing applications. The brochure illustrates a number of common FPA process configurations using Meissner’s library of prequalified components. Assemblies can include capsule filters for applications requiring filtration of 10-mL to >10,000-L volumes. Gamma irradiation data are covered as well. These assemblies can be customized and include dynamic combinations of connectivity, tubing, and other components.

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Single-Use Sensors

Product: TruFluor and TruTorr sensors

Applications: Single-use bioreactors

Features: Finesse single-use GMP-qualified sensors come with Thermo Scientific HyClone’s single-use containers and bioreactors and are integrated into the Finesse turn-key bioreactor system for 25–2,000 L process volumes. TruFluor sensors optically measure pH and dissolved oxygen using real-time phase fluorimetry. The TruTorr system measures headspace pressure. These USP class VI compliant, precalibrated sensors automatically compensate for temperature.

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QC Automation

Products: Dip and Read residual protein A detection kit and Sidekick offline biosensor immobilization station

Applications: Quality control assays on the Octet platform

Features: The protein A detection kit includes biosensors and reagents for quantitating protein A or its biosimilars in the presence of human IgG antibodies. With the same sensitivity as other methods, this assay requires less hands-on work and can be completed in half the time. The Sidekick station provides off-line, simultaneous, and uniform sample loading on all 96 biosensors in an Octet tray. It shakes samples, keeping the biosensors immobile, to decrease required incubation time and increase the sensitivity of sandwich assays.

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Mycoplasma Detection

Product: MilliPROBE detection system

Applications: Mycoplasma detection

Features: The MilliPROBE system integrates Millipore sample preparation technologies with molecular diagnostics technologies developed by Gen-Probe, Inc. (licensed to Roka Bioscience). Mycoplasma bacteria are difficult to detect and eliminate and can have costly consequences for biopharmaceutical manufacturers. This newest assay in the MilliPROBE platform cuts mycoplasma detection time from 28–35 days to just four hours. Faster and more robust detection enables biopharmaceutical manufacturers to test more frequently and take corrective action earlier in production process, reducing financial risks and optimizing product yields.

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Label-Free Analysis

Product: SPRimager II platform label-free peptide arrays

Applications: Antibody analysis

Features: Peptides make attractive affinity probes because of their robustness and specificity. This format allows users to analyze crude samples, saving the time and expense of purification. The array format increases the number of samples per test while decreasing the quantities of material needed. Label-free analysis facilitates collection of real-time interaction data and valuable affinity information. These peptide arrays allow specific detection of antibody targets in serum and egg yolks.

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Product: Nautilus software

Service: Fisher BioServices

Applications: Biological sample maintenance, analysis, and retrieval

Features: Nautilus biospecimen tracking software is designed for specimen collection, tracking, and storage with data capture, location management, chain-of-custody, and handling assurance. Fisher BioServices offers comprehensive, turn-key biobanking/biorepository services including collection kits, transportation, processing, testing, storage, and data management — all with remote access. Fisher BioServices currently manages >170,000,000 biological specimens, cell lines, tissues blood products and environmental samples.

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Product: Part #80206

Applications: Disposable fluid paths

Features: Qosina’s part #80206 is both a Y connector and a check valve featuring two 0.157-in. ID ports and a nonreturn valve on the female Luer lock sidearm. The housing is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, and the compression-resistant silicone valve has a 43.5-psi cracking pressure. After fluid passes through, the valve returns to its normally closed position to prevent leaks. The company makes a wide range of disposable components — connectors, Luers, caps, clamps, adapters, stopcocks, valves, swabs, and spikes — at its ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 registered facility.

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