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From The Editor

          From the beginning, BPI has developed creative, collaborative relationships with industry groups and associations as well as our own Informa colleagues at IBC. We have continuing relationships with Interphex, BIO, and ESACT. Through an upcoming supplement on cell therapies, we are enjoying contacts with ISCT, ARM, CTG, and the Phacilitate conference organizers. The list goes on. Such collaborations take many forms. Some people develop webcasts for www.bpiseminars.com. Others describe technical experiences and insights through manuscript…

Modeling Perfusion Processes in Biopharmaceutical Production

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is mostly batch-based for a number of reasons: lower perceived contamination risks, batch-to-batch segregation, and historical legacy. Despite those reasons, perfusion is used by a number of biomanufacturers because it produces large product quantities using smaller bioreactors than would be possible with batch-based production.

Though perfusion-based production presents challenges that confound traditional models, it can create an environment in which many more factors can be influenced to directly optimize production. Read this case study to learn more about how perfusion can be used to create flexible, “just-in-time” facilities that respond to manufacturing conditions.