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Biobanking Resource

Product: CryoFeed microsite

Applications: Cell and tissue banking

Features: Wheaton offers a curated collection of information about preserving cryogenic biospecimens online. The company responded to an influx of questions about sample containment by creating the CryoFeed website. It provides biobanking-related news and technical tips as well as a place where users can discuss related issues. As samples are collected and cryogenically stored at hospitals, universities, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, Wheaton says interest in biobanking and long-term storage is increasing. The information is free, as is registration for using its interactive features.

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Disposable Containment

Product: TepoFlex biocontainers

Applications: Fluid management

Features: Meissner offers TepoFlex biocontainers in 50-L, 100-L, and 200-L sizes for use with cylindrical drums. These single-use containers can be configured with end-user–specified tubing lengths, connectors, and end fittings. BioFlex tubing assemblies (with filters) can be added to improve flexibility for disposable–disposable and hybrid applications. Custom biocontainers can be designed to meet the requirements of customers’ own rigid outer containers.

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On-Line Culture Analysis

Product: BioPAT Trace system

Applications: Cell culture analysis

Features: BioPAT Trace online analyzing systems can be used with long-term cell cultures and fast microbial processes in different scales, from small-volume benchtop systems up to FDA-validated large-scale production. Sterile sampling is based on filtration, dialysis, or ContiTRACE disposable probes for reliable on-line sampling in bioreactors and disposables in industrial and laboratory facilities. The dual-channel analyzer measures glucose and lactate. The systems are designed for safe and economic continuous and long-term operations, with little maintenance, in a small installation footprint.

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Light-Scattering Analysis

Product: Zetasizer Nano system

Applications: Formulation stability

Features: Novozymes Biopharma has used Malvern’s light-scattering technology in evaluating formulation stability of its Albucult and Recombumin products. The Zetasizer Nano system uses size-exclusion chromatography light scattering (SEC-LS) and dynamic light scattering (DLS). Application notes describing Novozymes’ work can be found on the Malvern website. The Zetasizer DLS series measures particle and molecular size (under a nanometer to several microns), zeta potential, electrophoretic mobility, and molecular weight. A Zetasizer system also can be used as a chromatography detector.

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Enabling Single-Use

Product: TerraSpray rinse station

Applications: Single-use processing

Features: Terracon’s fully nonmetallic rinse station efficiently rinses laboratory and process carboys and other disposable containers. An operator places a container upside down on the station and activates a fluid-driven rotary spray nozzle. Different fittings, spray-ball styles, pumps, and work-surface heights are optional. This presents a cost-effective alternative to stainless-steel systems for midsize facilities, and it uses a standard plumbing connection. The TerraSpray station handles all vessel sizes ≤50 gallons (200 L) with a drain feature that prevents slippery floor hazards. The company also makes custom special-purpose plastic vessels for a range of process industries.

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Automated Cell Filling

Service: Fill-It system

Applications: Cell banking

Features: The Fill-It 48-way benchtop automated dispensing system from TAP Biosystems (formerly The Automation Partnership) aseptically fills ≤5 mL into Nunc’s preloaded vial racks. This automation allows researchers to increase production of cell-line libraries and cell banks without compromising sample integrity or technician safety. The unit is compact enough to fit in a standard laboratory tissue-culture cabinet or its own mobile class 2 biological safety cabinet, which can be moved up and down to suit a user’s height. External vents allow the system to be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide rather than formaldehyde decontamination.

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