IBC’s 9th Annual Single-Use Applications for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

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This conference offers solutions toward better industry cooperation in standards harmonization and downstream processing. New applications for disposables in fill–finish and bulk storage will be covered through a series of case studies, panel discussions, point–counterpoint debates, and breakout-discussion roundtables.

Program Highlights

  • PDA Task Force for Single-Use Systems will outline a technical report overview and concepts focused on extractables and leachables.
  • Genentech will disclose additional data from experiences with disposable bags for cell culture media storage.
  • A panel of experts from Millipore, Novasep, Repligen, and Pall will discuss vendor strategies to overcome bottlenecks in downstream processing.
  • Protein Sciences Corporation will espouse on pandemic preparedness and detail the manufacturing of an emergency vaccine, especially the role single-use systems can play.
  • Sanofi-Pasteur will assess the supply chain risk in single-use system implementation.
  • Human Genome Sciences will weigh the advantages and challenges of using disposable technology in fill–finish processes.


  • David J. Pollard (Merck & Co., Inc.) on extracting the full potential of single use
  • Robert Repetto (Pfizer BioTherapeutics) on sustainability of single-use technology and innovation
  • Peter Kraemer (Sanofi SA) on challenges and opportunities for manufacturing at an industrial scale with single-use components

Attend the colocated summit below at no extra charge. Find out more online atwww.IBCLifeSciences.com/singleuse.