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Production Scale Prepacked Chromatography for Use with 1000 L and 2000 L Bioreactors

This webcast features: Fletcher Malcom, Associate Director of Product Management at Repligen. The technical and economic benefits of ready-to-use, pre packed chromatography columns at bench- and small-scale have been proven and documented. The question remains: how do we scale up to production-scale? Now, for the first time, the new OPUS® 45 and 60 cm columns can purify a feed stream from a 1000L – 2000L bioreactor. This Ask the Expert webcast will show how the unique design of these GMP-scale…

Exploring Protein Stability by nanoDSF

nanoDSF determines thermal and chemical protein stability with ultra-high resolution and with unmatched reproducibility. The detection of the intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence enables measurements at close-to-native conditions in any buffer, even in the presence of detergents. nanoDSF is applied in antibody engineering, membrane protein research, formulation and quality control.