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Qosina Trading Company Limited and HNG Medical, Inc. Deliver Components in China

Qosina has announced the establishment of a wholly owned China entity (柯思纳), Qosina Trading Company Limited. Located in Shanghai, this office provides customers the benefit of delivering goods manufactured in China directly to their operations in China, reducing or eliminating related logistics and customs expenses.  Along with a local partner for distribution, HNG Medical, Inc., Qosina can serve global customers with their China operations.

Introduction: Tackling the Technical and Regulatory Challenges of Biosimilar Development

In a just a few years, the biopharmaceutical industry has gone from questioning the feasibility of “follow-on biologics” (around the time of BPI’s first issues) to fearing them (when we published our first supplement on the topic in 2013) to the acceptance and strategizing of today. Perhaps because of its more socialized medicine, Europe led the way in biosimilar regulation and approved its first such product nearly 10 years before the first US biosimilar launch in 2015. In between came…

Advancements in Characterizing Therapeutic Protein Higher-Order Structure

Electrospray-ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS) is a well-established tool for biotherapeutic analysis. It draws intact proteins or peptide ions into the vacuum of a mass spectrometer, where the ion mass is measured. Electrospray ion-mobility mass spectrometry (ESI-IMS) introduces ions into a low-pressure gas, where the effects of aerodynamic drag reveal their shape. This technique is just emerging as a valuable tool for characterizing intact proteins, even though for a decade it’s been the basis of a commercially available medical diagnostic test…