Bioprocessing 4.0 – The Path to Smart Manufacturing

New for BPI 2018, the Bioprocessing 4.0 track focuses on how to apply today’s data, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and technology for the digital transformation of biologics manufacturing. Global experts will also share examples of how Industry 4.0 concepts are being applied in other industries and what potential applications they may have in biologics manufacturing and bioprocess development.

Why Hasn’t the Promise of Single Use Implementation in Commercial Manufacturing Been Fulfilled and What are We Doing About the Barriers and Risks?

Derek Willison-Parry, Drug Substance Phorum Lead, BioPhorum Operations Group, United Kingdom
Full Presentation: 1:45 pm, Fri. Sep. 6, 2018

Derek Willison-Parry speaks about how industry, now fully comfortable with using disposable equipment in clinical manufacturing, is beginning to overcome some of the barriers and risks associated with single-use in commercial production.

Chairperson: Manufacturing Strategy – Single-Use Technology

Jeffrey Johnson, New Technology Lead and Director, Global Engineering Solutions, Merck & Co., Inc
Full Presentation: 1:40 pm, Fri. Sep. 6, 2018

Jeffrey Johnson, who has put together a session at BPI 2018, speaks on why implementation of single-use technology has not been fulfilled in commercial manufacturing.