Cell Culture & Upstream Processing

The Cell Culture & Upstream Processing track at BPI 2018 is designed to cover today’s critical strategies to help maximize speed and efficiency while controlling COGs for products from early stage development to commercial-scale manufacturing.  Industry leaders will share their proven methods on how to compress timelines for mAbs and novel modalities. Case studies will be presented on how to utilize novel technologies, methodologies, and platforms to improve process understanding, control, productivity, and quality at every stage of development.

AMBR250 as a High Throughput Scale-down Model for a Typical Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Process

Jie Xu, Senior Scientist Biologics Process Development and Commercialization Group, Merck & Co.
Full Presentation: 8:00 am, Fri. Sep. 7, 2018

Jie Xu speaks about the difference in mentality and operations between R&D and manufacturing teams, and how overcoming these can improve efficiencies for the whole drug development process.

Opportunities for Modification of Glycan Structures at Various Stages During a Bioprocess

Michael Butler, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, NIBRT, Ireland
Full Presentation: 10:15 am, Fri. Sep. 7, 2018

Michael Butler talks about his work in modifying the glycosylation structures on monoclonal antibodies and the different possible outcomes ahead of his presentation at BPI 2018.