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Bioproduction Media Optimization Through Spent Media Analysis

This webcast features: Matthew Smonskey, R&D Scientist, Gibco Bioproduction Services Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific Individual cell lines have unique nutritional requirements which may not be satisfied using catalog media. These deficiencies often result in less than optimal recombinant protein yields during a bioproduction process. This presentation will discuss resources available to identify these media limitations and options for designing custom media formulations in order to maximize protein yields. Watch the recorded webcast below.

Separate together: Biotage buying purification firm PhyNexus

Swedish separations firm Biotage will add lab scale purification technology through its acquisition of PhyNexus. Financial details of the deal have not been divulged, but the California-based private firm PhyNexus has agreed to be acquired by Biotage this week. PhyNexus will bring an enabling automation platform based on Dual Flow Chromatography to Biotage’s bioprocess offering and increase the firm’s place in the downstream space. The technology enables miniaturized and parallel automated work-flows to address different laboratory purification processes. The Dual…