A Discussion Regarding the Productivity in Downstream Operations

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Jonathan Royce and Brian Caine

Brian Caine (left) and Jonathan Royce (right)

At the Biotech Week Boston conference (24–28 September 2017), BioProcess International publisher Brian Caine had the opportunity to speak with Jonathan Royce, global business leader for chromatography resins at GE Healthcare. Their discussion covered current downstream challenges and the company’s next-generation chromatography resin.

Industry Challenges

Caine: What are the most critical purification challenges for biomanufacturers?
Royce: The bioindustry has seen more than a 100-fold increase in the productivity of cells. This means that downstream purification technology must continue to evolve and meet those productivity gains so that purification doesn’t become the rate-limiting step in a process.

Biomanufacturers today seek ways to use their existing equipment more effectively and even incorporate reusable raw materials more effectively. There is a lot of focus on finding ways to get efficient cleaning of chromatography resins and to ensure that they don’t get contaminated by bioburden so that end users get the value out of those resins that they expect.

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