Enhancing Efficiency and Economics in Process Development and Quality Control of Biotherapeutics

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A-Enhancing-Efficie_230403aAnalytical techniques that measure protein quantity and quality are used in nearly all stages of research, process development, quality control and manufacturing of biotherapeutics. UV spectroscopy, ELISA and HPLC have been in use for decades for protein quantitation in physiological and process samples, and continue to be the workhorses despite their many limitations. Biopharmaceutical companies have enthusiastically adopted Pall ForteBio’s Octet® systems due to their high throughput capabilities, decreased sample preparation requirements, and low cost of operations. The Octet systems have broad utility in quantitation as well as functional characterization in the entire drug development process. This poster describes the use of Octet instruments for protein quantitation, particularly in the areas of process development and quality control.