Accelerating the Biotech Value Chain Through the Implementation of High-Throughput Technologies

This webcast features: Fredrik Nilsson, Director of Downstream Development, and Jesper Worm, PhD, Scientist, Department of Analytical Development, at CMC Biologics.

In this webinar, the speakers discuss and analyze the use of high-throughput technologies to optimize timelines and deliver value within the upstream and downstream development processes, using Octet HTX platform technology.

Over the past year, the experts at CMC Biologics have used this technology to deliver a significant number of titer data points, and residual protein data measurements.

This webinar will address:

  • An introduction to the Octet HTX technology
  • The workflows and the assays giving optimal data support to both the upstream and the downstream development processes
  • The correlation of HTX Octet methods to current established platform methods, and the methods used to reduce the time from DNA to IND

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