Improving Single-Use Bioreactor Design and Process Development: New Research Towards Intensifying Seed-Train and Scale-Up Methods Using 5:1 Turn-Down

50L and 250 L SUBsThis webcast features: Surendra Balekai, Senior Global Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific Bioproduction

Operating bioreactor vessels at low working volumes (low turn-down ratio) is often desirable but brings about challenges in regard to mixing, mass transfer, and process control. Research done toward optimizing cell culture has provided methods to improve performance and control when operating under these conditions. Implementing bottom heat exchange, making changes to impeller angle and height, taking advantage of the unique Thermo Fisher drilled-hole sparge design, and implementing a new cross flow sparge into the headspace have yielded reliable mass transfer and cell culture results with the additional benefit of lower turn-down mixing when draining the reactor.

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