Single-Use Bag Permeability Testing in Cryopreservation Conditions

This webcast features: Mike Johnson, Business Development Engineering Manager, Life Sciences

Puncture strength, haze, Tg, extracts and permeation rates are all single-use bag attributes about which end-users want data. While these are important characteristics, they are polymeric material properties that may or may not indicate actual bag performance. Ultimately, an end-user wants to know that the single-use bag will not put their process fluid at risk.

In this study, single-use bags with different gas permeation rates were filled with a sodium phosphate solution, frozen and then exposed to sublimating dry ice, simulating a bulk drug substance storage and shipping process.

Learn about:

  • Advancements in single-use film
  • Gas permeation as it relates to polymeric materials
  • pH stability of process fluids in cryogenic applications
  • The relationship between permeation rates and product stability

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