How to Boost Profits with Single-Use Powder Transfer

EZ BioPac photo shoot @ Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 8/3/16. Photo by Matt Urban / Mobius New Media, Inc.

Photo by Matt Urban / Mobius New Media, Inc.

This webcast features: Chris Rombach, Director of Global Strategic Accounts, ILC Dover

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers face a number of challenges. Open-suite biopharma manufacturing is gaining popularity. But it also leaves surfaces open to contamination, workers at risk for exposure to airborne particulates, and processes more exposed to product loss due to waste or spillage.

Liquid handling systems adapted for dry powder applications are often a compromise, because liquid and powder flow rates, handling characteristics and dispensing volumes differ dramatically. A purpose-built, single-use system is a faster, more efficient alternative, when designed specifically to quickly contain and release dry powders. When combined with single-use film bags engineered for the task, systems like ILC Dover’s EZ BioPac system can deliver these advantages:

  • A larger, easier target for manual filling
  • Reduced spillage, waste, processing time
  • Fills quickly and precisely
  • Seals completely, top and bottom
  • Dispenses swiftly and cleanly
  • Leaves no residue within the bag
  • Safely supported, self-standing
  • Eliminates unwieldy barrels and containers

In this webinar, you will learn how the system works, how the critical components are designed and what specific performance characteristics you should expect from a well-designed system, supported by hard data from a series of comparative tests.

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