Single-use XCell ATF Systems for Continuous Processing: 100% Cell Retention, 80% Faster Set-Up

XCell ATF 2 & 6 SuThis webcast features: Christine Gebski, Vice President, Product Management and Field Applications, Repligen

In today’s flexible manufacturing environments and to improve manufacturing cost of goods, many companies have implemented single-use equipment. To meet these changing customer requirements, the XCell™ ATF 2 and ATF 6 are now available in single-use formats. The XCell ATF Single-use systems deliver the same cell culture performance as the stainless steel systems but with 8x faster set-up time and a simplified autoclave-free implementation workflow. These elements overall drive simplified ease-of-use in upstream processing.

In this webcast:

  • Learn about the features, attributes and benefits of the XCell™ ATF 2 and ATF 6 Single-use devices
  • See performance data of XCell ATF single-use systems
  • View set-up time or implementation time savings modeling

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