Webcast: Accelerating Vaccine Production with Non-Viral Cell Engineering

This webcast features: Victor Ayala, PhD, ABL Inc.

Protein expression for manufacturing falls into one of two basic categories: stable cell line generation or transient transfection. While stable cell lines provide consistency in product quality and quantity, they are also expensive and time-consuming especially in early discovery and development phases.

In this webinar, a fully-scalable cell engineering technology employing a transient transfection strategy will be discussed. This technology has allowed for the efficient and cost-effective evaluation of vaccine candidates in phase 1 development of an HIV vaccine and has allowed for the therapeutic product to enter into animal studies months ahead of schedule. In addition, custom functional antibody development will be discussed along with the role that media has on antigen folding, expression, and glycosylation for transfection.

In partnership with MaxCyte, this talk has also been turned into a Special Report that was published with our June issue.

Watch the recorded webcast below.

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