Buffer In-Line Dilution and LPLC: Analytical Accuracy with LEWA EcoPrime LPLC Systems

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LEWA_Logo_Colour_Gradient_PANTONEThe new LEWA EcoPrime® LPLC chromatography and enhanced buffer dilution platform combines proprietary fluid design and the LEWA Intellidrive® pump technology to deliver unrivaled reproducibility and accuracy. The integrated buffer in-line dilution (BID) option prepares point-of-use buffers combining two unit operations into a single, space-saving skid.

EcoPrime Side View IMG_9526-2A single LEWA EcoPrime system has the flow range of up to two conventional LPLC units while delivering gradient accuracy of greater than ±1%. Because of its dynamic range, EcoPrime LPLC can bridge the gap between process development and pilot and production scales. The platform is highly configurable with 20 standard options to match your individual situation: full drainability, clean-in-place (CIP) enhancement, multiple inlet/outlet valve choices, precolumn analytics, DeltaV communication, and UPS ready are a few of the many user-configurable options. The EcoPrime LPLC series of systems provides significant flexibility, more floor space and — as a result of industry-leading gradient accuracy and reproducibility — enhanced purity and yield.

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