Integrated and Scalable Continuous Chromatography: The Cadence BioSMB PD System from Pall

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LOGOBioprocess intensification leads to more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Single-use systems designed for continuous operation facilitate process intensification.

Pall Life Science’s Cadence™ BioSMB PD platform is the first disposable flow path, continuous multicolumn chromatography solution that is fully scalable from a process development laboratory to good manufacturing practice (GMP) manufacturing. It provides an economically viable, disposable chromatographic solution for even the most demanding and costly chromatographic steps.

Figure 1: Principles of simulated-moving bed technology

Figure 1: Principles of simulated-moving bed technology

During multicolumn countercurrent (also known as simulated moving bed, or SMB) chromatography, all chromatographic steps normally run in a batch mode are conducted simultaneously in different “zones” (Figure 1). Chromatographic media reaches full lifetime within a campaign through rapid cycling, making disposable use of even the most expensive chromatographic media possible.

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