Reduce Your Risk Instead of Your Return

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Patheon_FLEX_Logo_wGray_RGBBiopharmaceutical companies face a broad range of challenges when developing new large-molecule products, including

  • Potential failures in the clinic or, even worse, an inability to manufacture because of an increase in the number of complex molecules in a company’s pipeline
  • Under- or over-manufacture of a drug substance raw material because of demand uncertainty
  • Limited access to right-sized capacity, driven by the bioprocess industry’s shift away from large-volume stainless steel tanks toward mid-scale bioreactors
  • A company’s inability to find a manufacturing slot for its trial or product launch, given capacity limitations within contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) and biopharmaceutical organizations
  • Missing first-to-market position as a result of increased competition.


Flexible Biomanufacturing

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