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High-Selectivity HPLC mRNA Analytics: Quantification and Characterization

Robust and precise chromatographic analytical methods are key for the efficient development of the mRNA production process. Three different analytical methods, which utilize three different column chemistries, are embedded in a ready-to-use PATfix™ HPLC analytical platform to support mRNA process development and product quantification and characterization. Fill out the form below to download the full report from BIA Separations, now a Sartorius Company.  

Eliminating the Analytical Bottleneck in Production and Purification of mRNA

COVID-19 has focused a spotlight on the ability of mRNA technology to accelerate vaccine development and approval (1). That same technology can hasten development and approval of other therapeutic classes, including cancer immunotherapy, protein replacement, and gene therapy. Fulfilling those opportunities imposes significant challenges on process developers and manufacturers to improve existing processes. Scale-up to produce millions of doses (tens of kilograms) compounds those challenges. Furthermore, every step of the journey requires high-performance analytical methods, to ensure patient safety and…