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Noncontact SONOFLOW®C0.55 Clamp-On Flow Meters and SONOCHECK®ABD06 Bubble Detectors

Noninvasive SONOFLOW clamp-on flow sensors and noninvasive SONOCHECK bubble detectors are designed for accurate and contamination-free upstream and downstream monitoring to fulfill regulatory goals within the process analytical technology (PAT) framework. Field-Proven Technology: SONOFLOW clamp-on flow sensors are designed for upstream and downstream bioprocess monitoring. These innovative sensors have integrated electronics that enable them to function without an external board or transmitter, providing a complete flow meter in a device the size of a small transducer. The systems can be…

Flow Monitoring in Continuous Processing and Single-Use Systems

Flow sensors placed at critical points in both upstream and downstream processes fulfill the regulatory goals of the process analytical technology (PAT) framework. PAT has been defined as a mechanism for design, analysis, and control of biotechnical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through measurement of critical process parameters (CPP). Constant flow monitoring can support its overall targets fundamentally to reduce production cycling time prevent rejection of batches enable real-time release increase automation and control improve energy and material use facilitate continuous…

Sonoflow CO.55 Clamp-On Flow and Sonocheck ABD Bubble Sensors

With their integrated electronics board, Sonoflow and Sonocheck sensors offer the smallest equipment footprint solution on the market. By using SONOTEC’s reliable and reusable sensors, you can improve process stability, achieve easy data transfer, and save costs associated with disposables. With the aim of implementing flexible production and minimizing contamination risk, a number of applications in the biotechnology industry need accurate flow measurement and bubble detection. Fill out the form below to read the complete technology review now.