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Rapid Affinity and IgG Titer Analytics: Automating Bioanalysis with Gyrolab Nanoliter-Scale Technology

In the development of biotherapeutics, there is a need to quantitate antibody titer and to characterize antibody affinity against the target of interest. Such analyses are often challenged by the need for sensitivity, reproducibility, and higher throughput. Gyrolab systems automate and miniaturize affinity measurements and IgG titer quantification in a single platform using only nanoliter volumes with rapid time to results. IgG Titer Immunoassays with Broader Ranges for Cell Line Development

Evaluation of Rapid Quantitation Methods for Titer, HCP and ProA By Gyrolab Platform During In-Process Development

Getting biopharmaceuticals through development and into clinical proof-of-concept fast and efficiently is critical for success in our industry. Therefore, high-throughput upstream and downstream process development approaches are increasingly being implemented. Hence, innovative and high-throughput analytical technologies are needed to support rapid process development. A novel automated analytical platform-Gyrolab xP workstation was investigated for the analysis of IgG titer, Host Cell Protein (HCP) and leached ProA during in-process development. The assays are automated within a Gyrolab compact disc (CD) containing affinity-capture…