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Designing the Optimal Manufacturing Strategy for an Adherent Allogeneic Cell Therapy

Cell therapies (CTs) offer potential treatments for a wide range of medical conditions (1–6) by replacing cells, repairing tissues affected by either disease or damage (7), or delivering genetic or molecular agents that promote self-healing (8). CT research and development is continuously growing (9), with increasing numbers of CT candidates reaching phase 3 clinical trials (9–11). Developers aim to make products that can survive in a competitive landscape while complying with stringent regulatory requirements to control the quality and safety…

Scaling Up Stem Cells: Moving from Laboratory to Commercial Production with a Single-Use Multiplate Bioreactor

Cell-based products are becoming increasingly important as potential biotherapies. Cell therapy is predicted to have a huge impact on the healthcare sector over the coming decades. Stem cells, in particular, are investigated as potential treatments for a diverse range of applications (such as heart disease and metabolic and inflammatory disorders) in which they might be used to restore lost biological functions. Read the full text of this article in the PDF (Login required).

Designing the Most Cost-Effective Manufacturing Strategy for Allogeneic Cell-Based Therapies

Rapid progress is occurring in the field of stem cell therapy research, and increasing numbers of products will begin reaching the market in the near future. But new cell therapy treatments must fit into a competitive and highly regulated healthcare environment. Succeeding in that environment requires alignment between a company’s business model and its manufacturing strategy. Read the full text of this article in the PDF (Login required).