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Innovative Single-Use Clarification System for High-Density Cell Cultures

Continuous improvements in growth media and cell line viability have resulted in increased biomass concentrations in biopharmaceutical production processes, making the downstream purification step more challenging. Body feed filtration (BFF) has proven to be a successful method of solving similar issues in other industries (Figure 1). This robust technology is now available as a harvesting solution for biotechnology applications (1). Read the full text of this application note in the PDF (Login required).  

Diatomaceous Earth Filtration: Innovative Single-Use Concepts for Clarification of High-Density Mammalian Cell Cultures

In the past decade, biopharmaceutical manufacturers have demonstrated major improvements in monoclonal antibody (MAb) production, exhibiting product titers frequently in the range of 5–10 g/L using standard fed-batch mammalian cell cultures (1, 2). Increased product yields allow for smaller-scale production vessels. With 2,000-L single-use bioreactors already commercially available, single-use manufacturing of biomolecules becomes more and more an option. Other recent developments in the biopharmaceutical industry — e.g., drugs for smaller indications and more potent drugs allowing for lower dosages —…