AdvantaPure® Introduces Single-Use Filling Assemblies For Aseptic Fill & Finish Applications

New sterile molded filling assemblies from AdvantaPure continue the shift to single-use processing methods that save time, reduce cross contamination risks and increase productivity between batches of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products.

“These assemblies were developed specifically for vial and syringe filling,” notes Lawrence Morano, AdvantaPure’s global sales manager. “Our team of engineers is well versed in single-use, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, and fluid flow, and we’re able to work closely with customers to design systems that meet their individual process requirements.”

Manufactured in-house with a focus on quality, the assemblies can be quickly installed and operational in a fraction of time as compared to traditional systems. They’re made from AdvantaSil™ silicone tubing and molded components or weldable and sealable AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical tubing and components. Bags, filters, sterile connectors, filling needles and other accessories complete the assemblies.

Single-use filling assemblies are supplied sterilized and ready to use. They feature smooth, molded junctions for seamless flow and to reduce leak and entrapment issues associated with barbed fittings. The assemblies’ multiport Tri-Clamp® design further reduces potential leak points and minimizes holdup volume.