CEVEC Introduces New Helper-Free AAV Packaging Cell Line for Scalable Stable Gene Threapy Vector Production

Pharmaceuticals GmbH (CEVEC) announced the introduction of a new solution for scalable stable viral vector production for gene therapy applications.

Dr. Nicole Faust, CEO & CSO of CEVEC presented data from the Company’s successful proof-of-concept studies with these newly introduced cell lines on January 24, 2018 at Phacilitate.

Based on its proprietary CAP-GT manufacturing platform of suspension cell lines, CEVEC has successfully developed a novel AAV (adeno-associated virus) stable production system that allows for easy scale up in all existing bioreactor formats. In contrast to other currently used production systems, the company’s stable viral packaging cell lines do neither require a laborious and costly transient transfection step nor the infection with a helper virus which is expensive to produce and needs to be removed during downstream processing. After stable integration of the gene of interest into CEVEC’s AAV packaging cells, industrial scale production comparable to current antibody manufacturing processes becomes feasible. CEVEC has already initiated selected client projects using these newly introduced cell lines and is further expanding its collaborations with other innovators in this field.

“AAV vectors are becoming increasingly important for gene therapy applications. With our stable, helper-free AAV packaging cell lines we are addressing the major obstacle of limited scalability of current manufacturing systems in this rapidly growing field – the so-called production gap. We are excited about the data to be presented at the conference. The newly developed cell lines will provide an excellent basis to further establish our proprietary CAP-GT manufacturing system as the industry standard for fully scalable, reproducible and highly efficient production of viral gene therapy vectors,” commented Dr. Nicole Faust, CEO & CSO of CEVEC.

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