ABL and KaliVir collaborate to advance oncolytic viruses

ABL will provide materials and manufacture KaliVir Therapeutics’ oncolytic viruses for its forthcoming clinical trial.

Financial details of the partnership have not been disclosed but contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) ABL will produce KaliVir’s oncolytic viruses and provide the  material required to perform its first-in-human- clinical study with oncolytic vaccinia virus.

The oncolytic vaccinia virus is derived from KaliVir’s VET platform, which has been optimized for systemic delivery as well as expression of therapeutic transgene in the tumor. Furthermore, the platform can include immune modulations to increase the anti-tumoral immunity.

Image: Stock Photo Secrets

“We do not have a fixed limit,” on how long the partnership will be but ABL’s plan is  “to support KaliVir as long as they need. Flexibility is a key word at ABL;  flexibility that is reflected with the provision clauses of our contracts, meaning that ABL will support KaliVir if needed, if they ever have to transfer the manufacturing elsewhere,” a spokesperson for ABL told BioProcess Insider.

According to ABL, the partnership with KaliVir will strengthen its global position in the large-scale manufacturing of smallpox and oncolytic viruses. Additionally, the CDMO said the collaboration is aligned with its overall strategy to develop its platform across the Atlantic with international technological services offer.

The spokesperson told us that it will initially start with “one first compound” but it has an overall aim to “support several programs.”