Boston Labs and Germfree launch mobile CGT platform

Boston Labs and Germfree Laboratories have partnered to launch a mobile cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing platform in Boston, US.

The partnership between clinical logistics firm, Boston Labs, and manufacturer of mobile and modular laboratories, Germfree, aims to reduce client CGT production expenses and complexities by delivering access to mobile manufacturing facilities wherever they are required.

The CGT mobile manufacturing platform will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts offering a decentralized cell and gene therapy clinical contract manufacturing solution to biotech companies seeking to provide point-of-care CGT delivery.

Image: Stock Photo Secrets

“Many patients with rare diseases do not have access to CGT trials. From needle out, patient cells are on a critical timeline for delivery at a partner manufacturing facility. However, the logistics can be high risk and will not always support timely delivery,” a spokesperson for Boston Labs told BioProcess Insider.

“Boston Labs will place a fully equipped and compliant manufacturing facility at any point-of-care location worldwide. Working with existing manufacturers as an extension of their services or directly with biotech innovators, we manage the regulatory requirements and logistics to establish a fully staffed manufacturing lab wherever it is needed.”

According to Boston Labs, the mobile platforms are similar to a leasing model, which can support a client’s clinical or commercial requirements with each customer and fully equipped unity costing a total of $2.5 million to build.

The firm also expects “to scale up staff to meet demands [and] offer the flexibility for a contract manufacturer to provide their team to work in our placed units, or Boston Labs will provide all of the manufacturing support for any client.”

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