GenScript to distribute Calidi’s ‘trojan horse’ cell therapy tech

GenScript ProBio will promote and advertise Calidi Biotherapeutics’ allogeneic cell technology platform SNV-1 to current and future clients.

Under the terms of the agreement, Calidi will train and equip the Genscript sales team to present its SuperNova-1 (SNV-1) technology to their current customers.

According to the firm, it recognizes the problems that surround oncolytic viruses as the immune system of the patient attacks and eliminates a large amount of the oncolytic virus from the body.

Image: iStock/scyther5

“In many cases, 95%+ of the oncolytic virus is removed from the body within five minutes of receiving the treatment,” COO of Calidi Biotherapeutics Stephen Thesing told BioProcess Insider.

SNV-1 “utilizes stem cells which act as a trojan horse to both protect and potentiate (amplify) the oncolytic virus from the immune system of the patient,” said Thesing. “This ensures a robust and effective army of oncolytic virus to attack and kill the cancer.”

Contract research organization (CRO) and contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) GenScript ProBio has a global sales team consisting of more than 300 people who will be trained and equipped with resources to promote and advertise the SNV-1 technology.

GenScript will also negotiate possible manufacturing and licensing agreements with interested clients.

Additional advertising and promotion programs are being developed by Caldi for future deployment.

A figure has not been disclosed but Thesing told us that “GenScript ProBio will pay Calidi a low double-digit percentage of the net revenue produced by its SNV-1 manufacturing services per the agreement reached.”

“This means that Genscript will utilize their GMP facilities to manufacture and deliver the Calidi SNV-1 solution to clients that are secured by Genscript on behalf of Calidi.”

The initial term of this agreement is five years.