Takeda drives immuno-oncology portfolio with Adaptate buy

The acquisition will add Adaptate’s novel antibody-based delta T-cell engager platform to Takeda’s immune-oncology portfolio.

Takeda is set to acquire UK firm Adaptate Biotherapeutics, a company focused on developing antibody-based therapeutics for the adaptation of variable delta 1 (Vδ1) gamma delta (γδ) T cells.

In addition to gaining Adaptate’s antibody-based γδ T cell engager platform, Takeda will also obtain its preclinical candidate and discovery pipeline programs.

Image: Stock Photo Secrets

“Adaptate’s γδ T-cell engagers are engineered to specifically activate a γδ T cell-mediated immune response only at the tumor site while sparing damage to healthy cells,” a spokesperson for Takeda told BioProcess Insider.

“Adaptate has discovered a unique set of antibodies that selectively modulate γδ T-cell activity in the tumor microenvironment. The antibodies provide a precisely targeted signal to the immune system, triggering an immune response and direct γδ T-cell responses to specific tumor targets, thereby offering the opportunity for superior efficacy and safety compared to conventional immuno-oncology approaches in solid tumors.”

Takeda said Adaptate’s platform, combined with its intent to acquire GammaDelta Therapeutics’ cell therapy-based platform announced in October 2021, provides the firm with “with the opportunity to more fully leverage γδ T-cell, anti-tumor biology to potentially develop uniquely effective cancer treatments for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.”

Adaptate was formed in 2019 as a spin-out company from GammaDelta with funding from Takeda and Abingworth LLP. Takeda received the exclusive right to buy Adaptate for an undisclosed pre-negotiated upfront payment.

The deal is anticipated to be completed the first quarter of 2022 and Adaptate’s employees will be “integrated into Takeda’s R&D organization,” but “is unable to provide final guidance on individual employment plans until after the acquisition is finalized.”