Waters adding automation lab tech by buying Andrew Alliance

Waters Corporation will add an automated software system and robotics technology through the acquisition of Swiss biotech firm Andrew Alliance.

Life sciences chromatography and measurement company Waters Corporation has not divulged the financial details of the deal, but a company spokesman said it significantly bolsters its lab tech portfolio through the addition of automated technologies.

“Andrew Alliance’s cloud-native software platform and user interface dramatically improves the use of automation technology, enabling more scientists to realize the advantages of repeatability and performance for both routine and complex laboratory workflows,” Chris Orlando told this publication.

Image: iStock/NicoElNino

“This combination is a natural extension of Waters’ technology portfolio and addresses the increasing complexities in our most critical end markets of pharmaceutical, life and materials science.”

The acquisition will see Waters absorb around 40 employees in Switzerland, France and the United States.

Waters CEO Chris O’Connell added in a statement that the the automated tech and robotics system will “will positively impact our customers’ workflows across pharmaceuticals, life sciences and materials science markets.”

He continued: “This move also demonstrates Waters’ commitment to deploy capital to growth-oriented acquisitions that reinforce our specialty strategy and enhance our core business.”