GEA breaks ground on $20m+ site in Wisconsin

GEA has started construction of its repair, logistics, assembly, production, and training facility located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

According to the firm, the 85,000 square-foot building – which is GEA’s first greenfield site in North America in 50 years – aims to bring the company closer to its Midwest customer base and service their industry needs.

“The Janesville facility will bring us closer to our growing Midwest customer base and it will enable us to meet the growing demand for our products,” said Azam Owaisi, CEO at GEA North America.


“GEA will fully meet the ‘Built in America’ mandates if required.”

The investment of over $20 million by GEA is in response to the increasing demand for decanters, valves, pumps, separators, and homogenizers. The company says that this equipment is “at the heart” of a variety of industries that use production processes.

The Janesville facility, which is located 80 miles west of Milwaukee and 40 miles south of Madison, will also include a training center for its employees and customers. GEA says that the remaining space will then be used to repair mechanical equipment and logistics.

“We need another repair facility in the Midwest, because 30 to 35 percent of our installed customer base is located there,” Michael Vick, separation & flow technologies vice president at GEA North America.

“We will be much closer to our customers and have an opportunity to secure more repairs and spare parts business. Repairs are a critical part of our business as customers need our expertise, particularly for centrifuges which can’t be repaired at the customer site and require technical experience. Now we’ll be able to support them more efficiently and will be more attractive to new customers.”

The site is expected to open late 2023 and anticipated to create more than 70 jobs.