GenScript opens plasmid facility in China

GenScript has opened its plasmid manufacturing plant in Zhenjiang, China, which will provide customers with a one-stop service, says firm.

According to GenScript ProBio, its second plasmid facility is the largest one in China with a total floor space of 6,400 square-meter, which will support development of cell and gene therapies and messenger RNA (mRNA) drugs.

Additionally, the firm claim the plant establishes its position in the contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) field – providing more than double plasmid production capacity and offering customers a one-stop service for plasmids, preclinical studies, IND filings, and clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Image: Stock Photo Secrets

“GenScript ProBio adheres to the mission of ‘Innovation through Collaboration.’ Our extensive experience and high-quality plasmid viral vector manufacturing services have helped customers worldwide advance their clinical trials and commercial development programs,” said Brian Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio, at the opening ceremony.

GenScript will be the first CDMO in China to have a separate manufacturing facility for plasmid and viral vector, as well as being the only manufacturing platform to provide in vitro transcription (IVT) template linearized plasmids for mRNA vaccines.

The firm has two core technology platforms, a lentiviral vector and adeno-associated viral (AAV) vector. It owns lentiviral vector suspension cell line “PowerS-293T”, and GenScript claims its viral vector yield of its lentiviral vector suspension production cell line is equivalent or superior to that of cell lines currently on the market.