Natrix Introduces the Recon HD-Sb Hydrogel Membrane Ion Exchanger for Fast and Efficient Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

Natrix Separations Inc., a maker of innovative single-use chromatography products for the biopharmaceutical industry, announced today the introduction of its HD-Sb chemistry, a salt-tolerant, strong cation exchange (sulfonic acid) membrane augmented with HIC (t-butyl) groups. The HD-Sb chemistry offers high dynamic binding capacity, even at elevated salt concentrations. The Recon HD-Sb is the first in a line of HD-Sb products to be commercially available. The Recon HD-Sb is a disposable device designed for laboratory-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic biomolecules.

The new HD-Sb material is based on Natrix’s revolutionary three-dimensional macroporous hydrogel. The open hydrogel structure maintains a high density of available binding sites, achieving high binding capacity comparable to advanced resins but with flow-rates 10 to 20 times higher than resins.

The HD-Sb chemistry is efficient in purifying monoclonal antibodies in flow-through modes, and delivers excellent HCP and aggregate clearance with high monomer recovery. The new Recon HD-Sb is a 0.87 mL column device for lab and screening applications, ready-to-use and compatible with all benchtop chromatography systems.

Natrix HD-Sb products are available through JSR Life Sciences, Natrix’s global distributor. JSR supplies downstream purification products to the bioprocess industry, including its Amsphere™ Protein A chromatography media.

Larger columns incorporating the HD-Sb chemistry are currently in development. These devices will be available soon for scalable purification of monoclonal antibodies from R&D to cGMP manufacturing.

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