Podcast: Cytiva cites COVID as driver for biopharma resilience

Emmanuel Ligner, CEO of self-described bioprocess “critical actor” Cytiva talks us through the changing biomanufacturing landscape and unveils his firm’s sustainability report in the latest BioProcess Insider Expression Platform podcast.

In 2021, Cytiva launched a survey measuring industry’s confidence in the biopharma space. Focusing across five pillars – supply chain resilience, talent pool, the R&D ecosystem, manufacturing agility, and government policy and regulation – the Biopharma Resilience Index averaged an overall score of 6.6 out of 10 in 2021.

Feedback from 2022’s survey showed “COVID was a wake-up call,” Emmanuel Ligner told us at BIO in San Diego last month. “Suddenly people realized we need to do something different; we need to pay more attention to the supply chain. We also saw governments reacting very well in many countries, and that was a very positive thing. Overall, 63% said [COVID] was a wakeup call and I think that was good for the industry.”

Ligner also spoke about his firm’s sustainability efforts, citing a recently published report on the issue.

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