NewBiologix launches with $50m to develop CGT platform

With $50 million in Series A funding, NewBiologix aims to tackle challenges associated with the production of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV).  

The recently launched Lausanne, Switzerland-based company, NewBiologix, focuses on rAAV vectors, which is a typical delivery vehicle used for gene therapies. The firm is developing a DNA-based platform for the advanced engineering of cell lines used to produce cell and gene therapies (CGT) and it will be applied to human (HEK-293) and mammalian (CHO) cell lines.

“By engineering production cell lines that only require the addition of a therapeutic gene, NewBiologix will be able to help biopharmaceutical companies significantly reduce timelines for viral vector generation, overcome the cellular toxicities of certain viral proteins, accommodate different capsid proteins to optimize the vector serotype and the cell line will grow in suspension to high cell density,” NewBiologix CEO Igor Fisch told BioProcess Insider.


The cell lines specified will be able to meet viral vector demands to cover a full range of therapeutic indications, including rare, chronic, and incurable diseases.

“The NewBiologix technology platform will allow for the engineering of production cell lines that only require the addition of a therapeutic gene for final viral production. NewBiologix feels this is a quantum leap forward in producing rAAV vectors, the preferred viral vector for gene therapies,” said Fisch.

The firm has an operational 19,000 square-foot laboratory in Biopôle, Switzerland that has been designed to develop CGTs.

“The balance of the Series A investment will be used to commercialize the technology platform. NewBiologix will begin beta testing cell line prototypes with key collaborators in 2024, and the Company anticipates making viral production cell lines commercially available by 2026,” Fisch said.

The company has 16 employees based at its facility and by the end of 2026, it expects to have representation in the US and a total of 50 members of staff.