Podcast: The future of cell and gene therapies

Collaboration, supply chain resilience, acknowledgement they work, and trust will drive the cell and gene therapy sector going forward, EY’s Adlai Goldberg says on the latest episode of the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform.

The cell and gene therapy sector is on the cusp of flourishing in the vast pharma landscape.

Money is flowing in, manufacturing challenges are being overcome, people are actually being treated and cured. Even COVID-19 may be seen as a driving force for the burgeoning sector. But what does the future hold?

EY’s Adlai Goldberg spoke on the BioProcess Insider Expression Platform podcast

Adlai Goldberg – advisory digital, social, & commercial innovation,  health sciences & wellness, at Ernst & Young – describes the steps industry must take to advance the advanced therapy space and how it must move to balance the individualized autologous approach with more sustainable allogeneic products.

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