Advanced Instruments buying cell line dev tech firm Solentim

Advanced Instruments will add antibody and cell-based therapy workflow tech through the acquisition of Solentim.

“The coming together of Advanced Instruments’ and Solentim’s core technologies, will be a powerful combination in support of clonal cell line development,” Byron Selman, CEO of Advanced Instruments, said.

“With Solentim, we are acquiring innovative technologies that will enhance our ability to support customers in these workflows. We are also adding to our technical capabilities with the addition of imaging, advanced AI capabilities and automation expertise that will allow us to continue to expand on the innovative solutions that we deliver.”

Image: iStock/maxsattana

Financials of the deal have not been divulged. However, the addition of Solentim’s cell culture optimization suite of technologies and a headquarters in Bournemouth, UK have been described as synergistic and a driver of efficiencies to support improved clonal lines for use in therapeutic workflows by Advanced Instruments.

Mark Truesdale, CEO of Solentim, added: “Our companies share many similar goals including a vision for sustained innovation, a strong connection to the customer globally and a desire to provide solutions that drive efficiency and deliver value in the development of life-sustaining therapies.

“The combination of our technologies and commercial footprint will support our shared vision for accelerated growth.”