BPI Europe: three minutes, three Danaher tech platforms

Physical events are back with a bang and BioProcess Insider took to the exhibition floor to speak to Cytiva and Pall about their newest technologies.

Technology launches have mostly been virtual over the past two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But as we return to standard procedure, Sushma Nayak Teichert, global product manager at Cytiva, Ignatius Gyepi-Garbrah, global product manager at Pall, and Edina Payer technical application scientist at Pall took us through what their technology does and the problems it aims to solve at BPI Europe Vienna, Austria.

Nayak Teichert showcases Cytiva’s single-use downstream technology named AKTA ready 450. The system is a single-use liquid chromatography system designed for small volume processes, such as viral vectors or messenger RNA (mRNA).

The system has a low flow range of 5 to 450 mL/min per pump and a low hold-up volume. The single-use flow path minimizes the need for cleaning and cleaning validation, allowing for quick changeover between productions and reducing the risk of carryover.

Up next is Gyepi-Garbrah who tells us all about Pall’s Allegro buffer management system, which is used for process buffers and the purification process. The idea behind the technology is to streamline the workflow and make it easier for its customers.

Payer from Pall then talks us through its single-use system for the final filling and filtration of the product in bioprocessing, which can be used with the Palltronic Flowstar V integrity test instrument, which it claims ensures accurate filter integrity testing with a reduction in test time.

Check out the video below: