Eppendorf launches twin and flexible bioreactor control system

Eppendorf has launched the SciVario bioreactor control system, which it says allows constant monitoring of two vessels at the same time.

The SciVario twin control system, compatible with Eppendorf’s range of bioreactors, fermenters and single-use vessels, aims to help drug developers and researchers by providing a flexible controller to help adapt to changing requirements in a laboratory.

“The controller was designed in a compact way to control two vessels in parallel to save space on the bench, but at the same time ensures easy handling of the vessels,” David Solbach, scientific communications manager of bioprocess at Eppendorf, told this publication.

Image c/o Eppendorf

“Due to the improved wide range integrated 14 TMFC [Thermal Mass Flow Controller] modules the system can control vessel sizes from 0.2 L working volume up to 50 L working volume.”

According to Solbach, there are no other TMFCs on the market that can cover this range.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with the VisioNize onboard software. “The software enables the constant monitoring of both vessels at the same time, showing all critical process parameters. In combination with the intelligent accessories, the system warns you in case of inconsistency’s if for example a vessel is connected that cannot be used with the plugged-in drive.”

The German bioprocess vendor describes the system as a future-proof bioprocess controller. When asked, Solbach said that to ensure this is the case because “it can be flexibly updated with new functional modules thanks to the innovative bay-drawer concept. Additionally, all future updates of the software, as well updates needed for new functional modules will be provided for free.”