Eppendorf upping bioreactor production space in Germany

Steady growth in demand for its bioreactor systems has led Eppendorf to expand its site in Jülich, Germany through the addition of a 3,600 m² facility.

The final construction phase of the three-story building began last week, which once operational will more than double production space and increase production capacity by 20% at Eppendorf’s site, located 30km west of Cologne.

“The new building offers significantly increased production space for manufacturing bioprocess controllers with the corresponding accessories,” said a spokesperson from the bioprocess vendor. “In addition, software for controlling the devices are developed and set up there.”

Eppendorf’s site in Jülich, Germany. Image c/o Google

Among the bioprocess technologies manufacturedat Jülich are the DASbox 2.0 and DASGIP bioreactor systems. The former is a mini bioreactor system targeted at small working volumes in research and early process development projects, while the latter are designed to deliver optimal bioprocess performance in benchtop configurations.

According to the spokesperson, demand for such systems has been growing steadily wordwide.

“With the expansion of the site in Jülich and the new multifunctional building for €12.5 million [$12.5 million], we are responding to this ongoing development. The construction project is a commitment to the site and a sustainable safeguard for our production there. The growing Bioprocess business of Eppendorf will also create more jobs.”

They added that while demand for COVID-19 related products is on the decline it was the pandemic that further drove the expansion as it showed how much Eppendorf and its products were needed.

“This will continue to be the case in the future! With the new building and the capacity growth we are strengthening Eppendorf and our Bioprocess business.”