MilliporeSigma adding 160 jobs to expanded NH filtration plant

MilliporeSigma will run a recently expanded facility in Jaffray, New Hampshire on a 24-hour cycle due to increased demand for filtration devices and membranes, driven in part by COVID-19.

In June 2019, MilliporeSigma – the bioprocessing business unit of Germany’s Merck KGaA – announced plans to expand its site in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. The site produces a variety of filtration devices and membranes that support the life science industries and the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.

The 35,800 additional square feet of manufacturing space, which includes a 24,200 square-foot single-story addition and an 11,600 square-foot two-story building, was deemed necessary to “meet the future demands of the bioprocessing market,” the company told us at the time.

Image c/o MilliporeSigma

15 months on, and demand for MilliporeSigma’s filtration products is at an unprecedented level, Dave Poggi, head of operations at the site said, meaning operations will be expanded to a 24-hour cycle by the end of the year to keep up.

“We got hit with some pretty heavy demand additional demand associated with the development of COVID-related vaccines and therapies,” he told local news site WMUR.

As such, 160 new jobs will be needed to fill the extra shifts.

“Those jobs consist of production operators, engineers, quality engineers, and everything you need to run a 24/7 operation.”

In May, MilliporeSigma reported increased demand on the back of demand from COVID-19 vaccine, therapy, and diagnostic developers. Merck CEO Stefan Oschmann said at the time the firm is supporting all sectors and avenues of investigation in the race to develop COVID-19 products.

Similarly, fellow vendors have been reporting upticks in business since the pandemic began with surges of demand for equipment and services. In June, one analyst described coronavirus as a $14 billion opportunity for bioprocess vendors, and in the latest round of financial results the momentum is not slowing down, with Repligen being one of the providers which spoke about the boost from COVID-19.

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