Sartorius opening life sciences launchpad to grow German talent and innovation

Bioprocessing vendor Sartorius has launched a Life Science Factory in Göttingen, Germany offering labs, co-working spaces and consulting services for life science entrepreneurs.

Life Science Factory, an independent non-profit division of Sartorius, aims to set-up a launch pad for life science startups in Germany.

According to spokesperson Timo Lindemann, the project will begin next year with more than 500m2 for co-working, experiments and events, available for rent by entrepreneurs, before being transferred to a new 3,000m2 nearby facility in 2021.

In the preparatory phase, Sartorius invested a mid-six-figure sum in the project. In the coming years, the overall figure will be in the mid-seven-figure range,” he told BioProcess Insider. “After moving to the new building in the Sartorius Quarter in 2021, the Life Science Factory will include fully equipped laboratories, and also offer the latest equipment.”

Criteria for using the Life Science Factory and the actual rental fees have not yet been defined, he continued. “Since Life Science Factory is a non-profit, any earnings it generates will be reinvested in the promotion of knowledge transfer and of young scientists and researchers.”

Make Goettingen great

The Life Science Factory will be run by entrepreneur Marco Janezic, and Sven Wagner who heads the BD unit at Sartorius. The facility is based on a model already established in the US: the 6,500m2 LabCentral facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“With this project, Sartorius aims to advance progress in life sciences and make Goettingen a leading location for new biotech startups,” Lindemann said.

“Sartorius also hopes that the project will create a growing talent pool in Goettingen. In addition, Life Science Factory will be the venue for startup activities of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, such as Fraunhofer Life Science Days, and for the initiative of the Young Entrepreneurs in Science of the Falling Walls Foundation.”

Vendors and testbeds

He added the site will be equipped with Sartorius’s products and systems, to help expedite the development and manufacture of new drugs.

“Ultimately, we are helping to ensure that more people have access to innovative and affordable medicine. At Life Science Factory, both scientific expertise and entrepreneurial competence will come together and be mutually beneficial. This is how we aim to accelerate scientific progress in life science and bioprocessing.”

The announcement comes weeks after fellow bioprocessing vendor GE Healthcare opened a US$17 million (€15 million) in Uppsala, Sweden. Known as Testa Center, the facility allows access to four bioprocessing laboratories equipped with GE Healthcare technologies to any applicant that wants to test or verify its biotechnical, technical or digital innovation.

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