BASF leveraging chemical heritage in bio excipient space

Chemical giant BASF says owning its own manufacturing facilities gives it full control of volume and chemistry and is a differentiator in the biopharma ingredients space.

As the world’s largest chemical firm, it is no surprise BASF plays in numerous markets. In biopharma, the firm is known for its small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) business but the German multinational also serves the biologics manufacturing space.

“For a few years we have been providing the biomanufacturing industry with our products Kolliphor P 188 Bio. It is a shear protectant for the cells that are used to make biomolecules. That is the first offering in our portfolio and we are here to let customer know that we have offerings for downstream processing and for formulation,” said Nadya Morales-Cummings, global technical marketing manager, Biopharma Ingredients, BASF Pharma Solutions.

Speaking with BioProcess Insider at BPI Boston, part of Biotech Week Boston, she also explained how BASF’s heritage and global manufacturing network made the firm a differentiator in the bioprocess ingredient space.

“One of the things BASF has on its corner is its manufacturing assets. We own every single one of our manufacturing assets and we can then control the volumes that we make and also the kinds of chemicals we make. Of course we can provide Kolliphor P 188 Bio now, but we also can customize chemistries for the problems that you may have.”

The full interview is below: