Cytiva: Standardization key to fluid management prowess

Standardization is critical to improve fluid management operations within a biomanufacturing facility, says Cytiva at BPI Boston.

“Fluid management, while it’s not one of the most technically complex parts of bioprocess, it’s one of the more logistically complex aspects,” Erik Storm, fluid management platform leader at Cytiva, told BioProcess Insider at BPI Boston – part of Biotech Week Boston.

“That’s because of the large number of parts that you have to have on hand to actually run a single-use facility. It’s also due to the high degree of customization of those products. It all results in a longer lead time and a more complex supply chain to make sure that you can actually have your facility up and running.”

As such, Cytiva is looking at getting customers to move away from a customized to a more standardized approach with Joseph Makowiecki, director of BD, Enterprise Solutions, saying that having delivered over 100 FlexFactory solutions : “We’ve really understood the importance of standardized fluid management solutions as a means of reducing manufacturing complexity and risk, as well as improving overall speed, security of supply, and reducing times.”

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