ZETA magnetic mixers cause a stir at Interphex

ZETA says its range of hermetically closed bioreactor agitators can help manufacturers dramatically reduce contamination risks.

Process engineering and biologics services firm ZETA took to the hall at Interphex in New York last month to demonstrate its range of magnetic agitators used in bioreactors and fermenters.

Showing BioProcess Insider the bottom-mounted BMRF, Nicole Zangl, business development manager at ZETA GmbH said the agitator is a completely closed system with Zeta’s plug-in shell solution, which overcomes the contamination risk of conventional stirrers.

“[It is] hermetically closed inside of the vessel, and this makes it really unique” she said, adding it can be built into bioreactors up to 20,000 L in size.

Similar technology is incorporated in ZETA’s top-mounted magnetic mixers. “You can really reduce the contamination risks hermetically, it’s much easier in handling, you can have a safe and reliable process,” said Zangl. “We also see a lot of application applications in the market where it could be really beneficial.”

Lindsay Smart, CEO of ZETA USA, said these agitators complement his firm’s offering for the US market.

“There are a lot of unique features about these agitators and we’re able to incorporate them into the skids that we design and that we fabricate and supply to the US market. We like to think of ourselves as an end-to-end project delivery integrated engineering company so we’re able to deliver engineering, design fabrication, automation, installation, validation, verification of facilities and skids, and process systems alike.”