WuXi Biologics and Sartorius Stedim Biotech Open Joint Laboratory in Shanghai

IMG_1249_SSB_WuXi_Laboratory ChinaSartorius Stedim Biotech, an international leading supplier for the biopharmaceutical industry, and WuXi Biologics recently announced the opening of their Joint Laboratory in Shanghai, marking an exciting new stage in their long-term cooperation. The Joint Laboratory has been established to enhance China’s position in the global R&D of novel biologics and to facilitate more biologics to enter pilot studies and manufacture. As a result, this lab will help improve the capability and quality of biologics R&D in China and further provide more effective biologics for patients around the world.

“As the upstream leader and pharmaceutical companies’ partner, Sartorius will strongly support the rapid expansion of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry through ‘speed to clinic, increased titers, quality by design, and robust production,” said Dr. Joerg Lindenblatt, the Senior Vice President for Asia at Sartorius Stedim Biotech. “Cooperation between WuXi Biologics and Sartorius is based in China, but has a global perspective. Both parties share the same concepts on innovation and quality and have the same pursuit of global business development. I believe this Joint Laboratory will lay the foundation for sustainable development of both parties, accelerate the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions in a faster and broader way, and further benefit biopharmaceutical companies in the world.”

“WuXi Biologics is devoted to building the leading ONE-stop service platforms for biologics R&D and manufacture and to providing comprehensive services for biopharmaceutical clients throughout the world,” said Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics. “Collaboration with Sartorius is part of our effort to introduce innovative research concepts and world-leading technology platforms, which will shorten our time on biologics development, accelerate the biologics R&D process from concept to commercialization, lower the cost of biologics R&D and benefit patients around the world.”

The Joint Laboratory is equipped with leading-edge single-use platforms including SSB`s high-throughput ambr® 15 and ambr® 250, BIOSTAT® STR single-use bioreactors and a single-use media/buffer preparation station. ambr® is an automated, high-throughput microscale bioreactor system used by most of the international biopharmaceutical companies for their early stage R&D and process optimization, and supports accelerated development, optimization and rapid scale-up of cell culture processes.